Pricey Parking

I first enrolled at VU in 2012. I cannot believe I complained about paying a $2 daily rate for parking. With a 250% increase in fee since my first year, I have resorted to riding my bicycle.

Refusing to drive and pay for parking is as much of a political statement as it is budgeting strategy.

I’m graduating at the end of this year and won’t benefit from the redevelopment. In theory, I would be paying $5 for unsafe, poorly monitored, pot-holey parking each day. I don’t think VU thought about people like me when they enacted this profitable pricing. If you’re in my position, this article is a little redundant. However, the following information is of value to staff and students with remaining time on their sentence.

The redevelopment of the Footscray Park Carpark will include new asphalt, paving, quality lighting, line-marking, landscaping, new ticket machines, CCTV coverage and improved access. The upgraded carpark will accommodate upwards of 900 cars. Works will be at ground level; however, the design is consistent with a possible future multi-storey carpark.

These improvements come at a cost of $6 million. Hence, the insanely pricey parking. Whether you find the proposed upgrades worthy of your money is a decision only you can make.

Remember, the redevelopment will see that parking prices elsewhere in Footscray are consistent and affordable on a full time student budget. An additional 350 parking spaces will result from the works. Parking conditions will be infinitely improved with the proposed structural and safety features.

On the other hand, paying parking for the four days you’ve been allocated lectures and tutorials totals $20. On a full time students’ budget, $20 is a lot of money. That’s an all-you-can-eat meal and a bottle of wine at Dumplings in the CBD. It’s enough condoms for 39 safe, insemination-free sexual encounters.

Choose your kill, tiger.

Written by Lola Alberts

Photographer: Veronica Mellere


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