Who Loves to Date?

Dating Ideas and Suggestions

Writer: Larissa Werbiuk

No one really ‘loves’ to date, and if you are one of those rare individuals who do, good for you! But for those who don’t, and find it a constant hassle to come up with new and exciting date ideas to entertain or impress a special someone, I feel you! It seems cliché in today’s open and modern society that the standard impressive ‘first date’ is a candle lit dinner or watching the latest blockbuster movie (like we haven’t been on a million of those dates before).When taking someone out on a date, usually the idea is to make a good impression. And what better way to do that then standing out, taking them somewhere different or doing something they never would have expected?

Dinner is of course always nice (we all need to eat) but instead of the standard table for two at the local italian restaurant, try pintxos a.k.a. tapas and drinks. Now that is something that will get anyone interested! Naked For Satan, located on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy is the perfect first date setting, when you’re just starting to get to know someone. It’s a great place for conversation starters, with dim mood lighting in the downstairs bar, where you can try Naked For Satan’s very own infused vodkas, surrounded by booths lit by candles and red lanterns. Oh, and did I mention they have a rooftop bar, ‘Naked In the Sky’, with one of the best-rated city views – need I say more?

Also on Brunswick Street, is Veggie bar. Now, don’t let the name turn you off, yes it is a vegetarian bar/restaurant, but the food is delicious, affordable and healthy… the perfect fit for all fellow health nutters out there! The venue is always bustling with people, but that’s what makes the atmosphere energetic, which easily helps as table chatter. The best part about Veggie bar is their great selection of juices and smoothies also available, which are fun to compare and share together!

Day trips are a great way to really get inside a person’s mind and personality. It’s great to spend time with someone for a couple of hours at night, but during the day when you’re well… usually sober, you get to gather a better understanding of a person and how they react and behave through day-to-day life. The Peninsula Hot Springs near Rye is great to relax, enjoy the sunny days, and to spend some quality time with someone. With dinner and massages also available at the hot springs, you literally have everything you need there for any date. It does get quite busy, so going later in the afternoon could guarantee a better chance of the springs being quieter and not so busy with tourists enjoying the scenery.

For those who are a bit more adventurous or should I say wanting to test the waters or their partner, scenic horseback riding is perfect to have a laugh and try something out of the ordinary. Gunnamatta horse trails have great trails and tours at St Andrews beach (near Rye). It’s a beautiful part of the Peninsula, as it is away from the tourist crowds, and a picture perfect beach setting. If you still haven’t intrigued your date with horse riding on the beach at sunset… move on there, not worth any more effort! Also, if you’re driving up to the Peninsula, it’s always a good idea to make the most of the drive by taking the scenic route by the Mornington Peninsula.

Lastly, sometimes the best places are those that that are free. Local parks for a casual stroll or picnic will always be winners as you get to spend quality time with your date, which is ultimately what you want and the best way to get to know them. Parks such as The Botanical Gardens in Melbourne and Edinburgh Gardens in Fitzroy are great places to go as you can easily spend hours walking around admiring the scenery and company.

Dates can always be daunting to plan, but doing something a little different will create a longer, positive impression of you to your date. And who knows, it could be the place that wins them over, and if not, at least you had fun trying!


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