Does Fashion Influence Society?

Does Fashion Influence Society?

Writer: Angela Hryc

Fashion is all around us, whether we realise it or not. Everywhere we go, we see people wearing different types of clothes, accessories, designs, styles, et cetera. Obviously, there are people who take fashion very seriously; some of us may feel that they take it a little too seriously and, in a way, let it take over their lives. Then there are those people who couldn’t care less about what top they have on, let alone what brand or label of clothing they’re wearing. These people most likely have no interest in fashion at all, and don’t find it necessary to constantly keep up with the latest trends and new collections that hit the runways. But the clothes we see models showing off on the catwalk are not so different to what the rest of society quickly throws on each day.

Fashion is constantly changing. Every time a new season rolls around, new collections, styles and fashion trends are released and arrive into various retail and department stores such as Myer, David Jones, Zara and H&M. But as a society, we seem to underestimate how much fashion really influences us. The clothes that we choose to wear on a regular basis are based simply on personal preferences, however, these particular clothes have most likely been worn by models on the runway at some stage before they hit the well-known stores. For those people who don’t know the first thing about fashion or claim that they don’t follow the new fashion trends, they are still being influenced by fashion in one way or another, even if they aren’t aware of it themselves.

High-end fashion, also known as ‘couture’ fashion, is the sole base of how the latest fashion trends are developed and introduced into our retail stores. For instance at Paris Fashion Week, Chanel released their new Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, which included tweed coats and suits, black padded (puffy) coats and full length dresses. These particular styles have been introduced and re-created into the fashion industry for several years and are continuously merging into our popular retail and department stores, making them available and affordable for the rest of the world.

Perhaps most of society feels insecure and envious of all those models who are continuously introducing and wearing new fashion trends for a living. We may feel that we can’t pull off the clothes that these models show off on the runway, and that we will never look as good in those  clothes as they do. This may be one of the main reasons why many people choose not to follow fashion religiously. But society needs to realise that unless you’re one of those models on the catwalk who introduces the latest fashion trends to our retail stores, you’re basically just like everyone else who ends up buying their clothes in stores or online.

So for all of those people who yawn at the idea of upcoming fashion shows and the release of the latest fashion trends, you may want to reconsider your views on the fashion industry altogether.


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