Nanyang Technological University

Visitors from NTU with VUPA's Dylan Styles.
Visitors from NTU with VUPA’s Dylan Styles.

On the 11th of May, 2016 Victoria University Postgraduate Association (VUPA) hosted a delegation of visiting staff and students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) for a fact finding mission to discover what postgraduate life is like at Victoria University (VU). NTU impressed us with their friendliness and passion for understanding about postgraduate life at VU. VUPA was able to demonstrate and explain how they help make life better for all their postgraduates.

The tour from NTU was joined by current and former committee members of VUPA who excelled at helping the visitors learn about VU and the postgraduate environment. The tour informed NTU on the full range of services that VU has to offer all our postgraduates; these areas included our research department, wellbeing department, 24 hour library, our student as staff program, and also an understanding of our student union (VUSU) working within the VU student union structure. The funding of types of events and activities we plan as a postgraduate association for our students was highlighted, as well as networking opportunities and ways of increasing student participation.

The tour was a great learning venture and chance to build friendships on both sides. Meetings discussed the links between NTU and VU in building on a better student representative association for postgraduates involving a whole range of comprehensive student activities and successful strategies for fulfilling the needs for all postgraduate students. VUPA promoted its most successful learning pathways towards better postgraduate engagement, meeting student satisfaction and successes as a university to support and celebrate diversity.

It was a pleasure to have Susan Young (Dean of Students) and Professor Helen Borland (Dean of Graduate Research) joining us in a special meeting of staff and students to discuss university issues and postgraduate life in greater depth.

During the time NTU were with us, they were also able to hear from Sarah Schaefer-Rivilla (VUSU President), Liz Mordaunt (Student Leadership), Catherine Lou (Former 2012 VUPA/ISA President) and meet many other members of the staff and students at VU.

VUPA also would like to add special thanks to Ben Anwyl (Former 2013-16 VUPA President) for organising and running this most successful event for the postgraduates. As a result of this successful visit VUPA believes we will see a closer relationship build with NTU in years to come.

WriterDylan Styles
President of Victoria University Postgraduate Association (VUPA)



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