Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

By The Offset Team

Sometimes, a writer’s words fall so beautifully onto a page that their only wish is to publish them for others to see. Publishing and sharing their work allows artists to tell their most riveting stories, capture and compel an audience’s heart and attempt to expose hidden truths.

When this happens, where does a writer look?

Offset is a place where writers and artists are able to showcase previously unpublished work. Beginning in 2001 as a literary journal, its evolution has expanded from poetry and prose to see the inclusion of multimedia, visual art, photography and music. It is a place for creativity in any form.

This year, Offset turns sixteen.

It existed before anyone had Bieber fever. It was born before Siri, in a time when Shaggy was in the charts, Britney had all her hair and none of us knew that there were ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. On its sixteenth birthday, Offset intends to produce something truly inspiring.

It is a project that was born from passion, and continues to run on, and elicit it. Sixteen has re-enrolled the help of Offset’s original mentor Ian Syson to share his knowledge and experience. Alison Whan, who was the managing editor in 2010, is now the project manager, and continues to share her guidance, expertise and time, guaranteeing the success of Offset. The third year student-run team divides the task among them, spending the year sharing the responsibility of all aspects of the journal’s production, supporting and encouraging each other, and learning the bond that is formed through working diligently toward a collective goal.

Offset 16
Offset 16

Because of the fierce devotion of students and staff, Offset has been fortunate enough to have some wonderful writers, poets, artists and musicians contribute. Notable past feature contributors have included: Christos Tsiolkas, Nazeem Hussain, Alice Garner, Helen Razer and Van Badham. It has also provided opportunities to emerging artists who have proudly been published alongside these names, and carried on to further success.

Within the pages of Offset, emerging writers have the opportunity to be recognised by a broad audience. The Vice Chancellor of Victoria University is a dedicated patron, who gifts Offset to his broad range of connections. Also amongst the readership are companies that proudly recognise contributors with industry awards. Australian Poetry presents an award for Best Poetry, Writers Victoria honours Best Prose, the Malthouse Theatre recognises Best Art and the Maribyrnong City Council gives an award for Excellence In Creative Arts.

For an artist, sometimes it is hard to know where to put your darlings. Offset is a place to show your talent off. Offset is where you can turn an idea into a tangible achievement. Offset is a home for your cherished creations.



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