Emerging Artist: Daniel Augoustakis

Interviewer: Sarah Sordelli

Photography: Daniel Augoustakis

My name is Daniel, and I’m a multidiscipline graphic designer and artist. Art has been a strong passion of mine, and it will forever be a part of me. Generating artwork and providing graphic design services has allowed me to move forward towards achieving my personal goals. I love illustrating as it allows me to break away from reality and focus on what is important to me in achieving success as an artist. I like the idea of working my way up slowly, bit by bit, to finally get the prize. The best part about being an artist is that no one can tell you what to create; you are your own boss and critic.

I like being multi-skilled in all areas of design whether it be digital, print or hands-on as my favourite part is being able to tie in and combine all mediums into one. I work with a variety of mediums specific to drawing such as working with soft pastels and coloured pencil as it allows me to render in detail. I also like to paint on the odd occasion; large canvas works are what I prefer, as I like to project my work in large formats. My favourite tools are my watercolour Derwent soft pastel and watercolour pencils, although they are specific to certain mediums, I like to use them for drawing in my sketchbook and on larger format paper as it gives a good textured result. A good example of my latest works was a large-scale drawing I did of AFL footballer Brent Harvey, using soft pastel in the background merged with coloured pencil meant I was able to create good texture and three-dimensional form.


Drawing for me is meditative; it’s a way of also creating a strong and clear message of your beliefs. For example, my own message would be to demonstrate the art of realism and show my vision of reality as an emerging artist. I don’t really follow any artists, particularly although I tend to watch a lot of YouTube artists who render in hyper-realistic techniques to gain experience and learn. My favourite artist on YouTube is Marcello Barenghi, he is amazing in his own style, and his work is very realistic.

My interest is not only concentrated on art alone. Recently I have been learning about entrepreneurship and the many talented visionaries that have succeeded: Steve Jobs, Les Brown (great motivational speaker), Bill Gates and Arnold Schwarzenegger and many more. These great role models are what inspire me to succeed in my own field and give me clear goals for the future.


At this point in time, I am working on a number of projects, creating goals for myself and constantly reflecting on how far I have come from the beginning. My initial goal was to start creating art on a weekly basis so I could review my development and find out what needed to be improved. It is a constant process of re-evaluating and reflecting on myself, and making sure that I reach my end goal of success.

The best advice I could provide to others is just to strive for success, just go for it, set goals and keep going while setting the future for yourself. Never stop, and as my favourite quote from motivational speaker and entrepreneur Les Brown goes, “Do not go where the path may lead, but go where there is no path and leave a trail”.

Daniel Augoustakis studied a Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design at Victoria University.


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