Emerging Artist: Archie Konstantakis

Writer: Purdy Scuderi


What is the name of the course you are doing at VU and how far into it are you?

The course that I’m studying at VU is a diploma of graphic design. It’s  always been
my passion to design things that are creative and visually appealing. Ever
since high school I was always very into it, getting the marks that I needed
and, most importantly, just enjoying the subject.

What very first kick started your interest in drawing and art?

It was my fascination with portraits and colours, which I’ve had since I was an infant.
My interest in grey leads, pencils and paints grew through drawing portraits.
Then I started to practice and practice to make my portraits look very
realistic. I could not wait until I was old enough to experiment with them all.
Since then, I find myself drawing in every spare moment I have.

Where do you hope your art will take you?

I am hoping my art will take me all over the world. I also hope it will make a big impact
on a much bigger and broader audience. I would love to travel and gain
inspiration off various artists around the world. I would also love to see some
of my work displayed in shops for everyone to see. I would love for people to recognise
my name, and to discover how others feel and think in relation to my work.

What do you love about drawing and what frustratesyou?

Everyone has an escape. Whether it is reading a book, listening to music or drinking
alcohol. Drawing is my escape. That’s what I love about drawing. It takes me to
a place no one, or nothing else can. The only thing that frustrates me would be
sharpening my pencils every two minutes. I find myself constantly vacuuming
pencil shavings off the floor.

The drawings we’ve seen so far are very realistic. Do you dabble with any other styles?

I dabble with almost everything. I love experimenting with different grey leads,
pencils, paints and colours to see what I can come up with. I also started to
design business cards and brochures for clients, since I’m studying design and
hope to pursue that as a career.

Which one of your artworks so far are your most fond of and why?

My favourite artwork by far is my drawing of the Oscar selfie. I love Ellen DeGeneres,
watching her show just makes me laugh my head off and her amazing selfie
inspired me to create my own artwork. I felt pretty happy and appreciated by
people on Instagram and Facebook. I love drawing celebrities and tagging them
in my pictures on Instagram and Facebook.  I think I nearly had a heart
attack when Kim Kardashian liked my photo on Instagram; I couldn’t stop smiling
all day.

To see more of Archie’s amazing artwork, follow him on Instagram @akillees


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