Hyde magazine is a student publication presented by Victoria University’s Student Union.

Hyde is a platform created by students in conjunction with the Victoria University Student Union (VUSU). The platform is designed for students, staff, and groups at Victoria University to express their opinions, challenge the status quo, and provide news and feedback on matters concerning campus life, the university experience, the educational institution, and local wider communities.

Each year, Hyde produces three issues of the university magazine. Alongside the magazine, Hyde produces digital content throughout the year, allowing readers to be continually informed on university news and current events. The digital content produced by Hyde is available on most major social media platforms, while the magazine is free, with copies available for collection at all Victoria University campuses.

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  1. Kylie saunders says:

    Hey guys where can i find the lastest edition of hyde. I attend Footscray park campus and can only find old ones in the bookshop. They use to have them near student services but i havent seen any lately?

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    1. Hi Kylie – Great to hear you went looking for us! Next to the book shop is VUSU’s centre. In front of the offices there should be plenty there from the latest to previous.

      If you have further issues finding them – please let us know

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