The Hyde Team

This year’s team made up of the old and the new. Jason and Ronna have previously worked as Hyde editors while Chloe and Alex are new to the team. Despite this we are all united by the goal to create an entertaining and thought provoking magazine for the students of Victoria University.

To cater to such a diverse audience, we want our content to be just as diverse. That is why this year we will continue to feature fictions and the visual arts, and also make ourselves more visible. 2017 will be the year everyone knows the magazine, Hyde.

Read below to get know the Hyde family better.

Jason Lie: Editor-in-chief

Jason is a student of VU’s Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing. He writes passionately about social justice issues in the hopes of building a kinder, more understanding world. He also likes to address taboo subjects such as sex. In his spare time, he runs a barely functioning poetry blog: Janson’s Poetry.

Alex Lotito: Editor

Alex is currently in his second year of VU’s Bachelor of Professional and Creative writing. He is a lover of stories and is deeply passionate about creative writing. He is a fan of humour and crime fiction and often likes to write his own blend of the two. Alex enjoys making others laugh and smile and always tries to do that through his writing. He also believes that writing should be passionate, thought-provoking and fun.

Chloe Watson: Graphic Design and Layout

Chloe is currently undertaking her Bachelor of Creative Arts Honours at Victoria University, delving into the world of magic realism. She loves non-fiction writing, crocheting, sewing, and all things magical. She endeavours to use her design skills to give words a beautiful place to exist.

Ronna Su’a: Social Media and Distribution

Ronna Su’a studies writing and communication as her major for VU’s Bachelor of Arts. She was an editor for Hyde in 2015 and has now returned as the face of Hyde’s social media and distribution. Ronna has been heavily involved with VU’s Student Union since 2014 and it is her passion to help represent and advocate for students. Writing started as a remedy for her and is one of her most prized possessions. Combining her love for writing, social media and art she is excited to journey down a path once previously walked with a whole new purpose.


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