The Hyde Team

This year we are introducing a brand new team to Hyde. Alannah, Kelly, Dulce and Melodie are a passionate group, that are skilled in various areas.

Our goal for 2018 is to take Hyde to the next level. This will be implemented by introducing a new way for creative artists to get involved through our online forums, in order to reach a broader audience.

To keep with the tradition of previous years, our focus will be creating an entertaining and thought provoking magazine that can be enjoyed by all students of Victoria University.

To cater to such a diverse audience, we want our content to be just as diverse. That is why this year we will continue to feature fictions and the visual arts, and also make ourselves more visible.


Read below to get know the Hyde family better.


Alannah Eve Tommasoni: Editor-in-Chief


Kelly Rawnsley: Editor


Melodie Howell: Graphic Design and Layout


Dulce Maria Colin: Social Media and Distribution


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